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How Time Passes

I can hardly believe it is over a month since I last visited my blog - let alone posted something. My excuse is the pressure of work! There are, after all, only so many hours in the day and so much to do. Monthly newsletters for my Readers' Club members. (Have you joined yet?) Keeping up to date on my social media, writing, editing, reading... ya-di-ya and so it goes on and suddenly it's the Easter weekend starting tomorrow and not a hot X bun in sight (must go shopping - where's my to-do list?) And here I am catching up on my long overdue blog post and I must confess it is really a displacement activity. I'm waiting for Love Is to come back from the editor and I have been taking my mind off that by working on Love Me, the next title which is due out in September. I've promised the Readers' Club a sneak preview of chapter one and I think it will be ready. In fact, I am about two or maybe three chapters from the end... BUT (this is where the displacement activity comes in) I am avoiding finishing Love Me.

It's in good shape, I'm pleased with the characters and despite all the things that have gone wrong for our lovers we are set up for a happy ever after (or at least happy for a while) ending, but I simply can't face the writing. Not sure why. When this happens it usually means there is something wrong in the lead up to the section where I'm stuck. Maybe some character motivation is adrift. I don't know, and I just can't face looking for a moment. I need to be focused! And I'm not.

The reason for this distraction may be Love Is. It is due back to me soon, then it'll be a final pass, working through changes and corrections before it is formatted, back and front matter added and at last sent up to Amazon for release on the 21st of May. That's just thirty-five days away. Am I nervous? You bet I am. Love Is has taken over four years, several rewrites, multiple edits just to get here... and I really can't relax until it comes back from editing and I see what remaining work I have to do. If you want to pre-order you can here:

Now I'm off to get those Hot X Buns. Happy Easter everyone.

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