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Receive a free advance reader copy (ARC) of Love Is in return for an honest review in publication week (on pre-order now and publishes on the 21st May). Detail: 345 page eBook. Romance/Family saga. Part of the Six Degrees of Separation Series.

Nine years on from playing his part in Millie & George, Owen Kingsley seems to have everything going for him. He's a respected leading TV journalist, at the top of his career, earning enough to afford a mortgage on an elegant Hampstead home and able to buy the very best in everything, from designer shoes to Savile Row tailoring. And yet happiness evades him.

Still haunted by his troubled childhood, unable to break through his dread of falling in love, Owen yearns for the family life his best friend George enjoys. But Owen believes love inevitably leads to sorrow and he is destined to be alone. His coping strategy is to escape reality through books, alcohol, multiple meaningless short affairs and overwork. Fame, money and women are all his. For the moment.

Here are a few lines from the opening prologue in which Owen is on his way to end a relationship with his latest girlfriend, Margaret. What she tells him will change Owen's life.

London ~ March 2010

"Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true!"

The receptionist looked up at Owen, smart in his immaculate charcoal grey suit and pale blue pure linen shirt.

'Good evening, Mr Kingsley,' She smiled at him, her expression worldly, even a little speculative, as she added, 'Ms Morris is in her office waiting for you. Go on up.'

'Thanks, Tracy.'

Owen diverted to the lift - the red leather soles of his Louboutin Oxfords clacking on the marble floor as he wondered (not for the first time) how much the staff at Beka Morris Associates knew about his relationship with Margaret.

Inside the empty lift, he shifted restlessly from one foot to the other and waited for the doors to close. He raised and rotated one shoulder, then the other, trying to ease the tension in his neck, thinking of the decision he'd made earlier in the day. The lift doors slid shut. Too late to turn back, he thought ... and anyway; it was the right decision.

The ARC is available at Booksprout. Link at top.

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