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Know Your Words

I could feel my blood pressure rising this morning while I listened to a Radio 4 interview. I won't name the person responsible for putting me in danger of a stroke or heart attack but will explain the reason.


Yes, I am shouting.

I am by nature protective of words and language and so I should be; I am a writer. Over the editing period of any given work, I accumulate hours of consideration over which is the correct, and most appropriate word to use. I suffer angst over quite simple words and I probably fail most of the time to create the best way of saying something - but at least I try. So imagine the condition of my stressed blood vessels as I listened to the interviewee describe someone as a culprit when the correct word to use was victim! How wrong could one person get their word use?

Add to that the lazy use of verbal ticks (in this instance it was the persistent use of the word 'listen' at the start of sentences) and my blood pressure soared and this was before I had drunk my morning coffee and taken my caffeine boost.

So here is my plea to you. Take care with your words - never use a word if you don't know its meaning and are absolutely sure it is the right one and please, please, please drop the verbal ticks.

Rant over. Have a good week and keep safe and well in these times of COVID.

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