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Terrible Timing!

It's launch week for Last Love. The thirty-day golden window is ticking away (the publication date was the 30th of September). It was all going nicely, and then ...

Suddenly, impressions on the new Amazon ads campaign I had set up to run from the publication date dropped to 0! Yes, big fat 0. There's no point in contacting Amazon support; I might as well talk to the wall. So, there is no option for me but to try and work things out. Three days later, I managed to get one click ... yes, one click and only then by bidding crazily high. After days of optimising the life out of the campaign, setting up new campaigns, auto and manual, the impressions are up a bit but not where they should be for a list of very popular targets. Targets that were, until the 3rd of the month, working perfectly fine. Clearly, this is some kind of a technical glitch. Meantime, the days are slipping by, and my new release is not going to get its fair share of Amazon love.

What am I going to do?

  1. Scream with frustration

  2. Leave the dead ads running just in case they fix themselves

  3. Head off to Facebook to increase my advertising

  4. Ditto TikTok

  5. Get on with writing the next book

  6. Revisit the option of going wide (again).

And in the meantime, if you're reading this and fancy helping out, please visit here and get the book:

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