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Eight Days to Christmas

The holiday season is looming, the decorations are up, the presents bought and I am planning a reading binge to make a dent in my backlog (both in the Kindle App and in hard copy and paperback purchases that I've acquired through the year and mostly left unread while I piled into getting Millie & George out along with its complementary short ebook, Lost Love. Even so, I have managed to read forty-one books, and not all of them have been lightweight. Any fellow fans of Diana Gabaldon will know that you get a big word count in her books and with four or maybe five of them in my 2021 read list that's a substantial amount of reading. But my Goodreads target was forty-five books, so I need to bury my nose in a few pages between now and the new year. Do I hear you asking if I am going to stop writing over the holiday? Absolutely not. I daren't. I am still somewhat in the mire with Love Is. Despite multiple rewrites and edits, and the book now entering its fourth year of creation I remain troubled by various elements. But I have got to get it sorted and finalised as it now has a fixed publication date of 21st May 2022. So once the holiday begins I shall be alternating writing, editing, and rewriting Love Is while reading (short books) to reach my Goodreads target.

I probably won't blog again until the new year, so happy holiday everyone. Stay safe and well.

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