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Cover page for Millie & Georg Young love, first love ebook romance


George is the only son of a notorious crime boss who wants him to join the family business. But George has other plans. He wants to finish his degree and escape his father’s shadow.

Millie’s from a respectable Scottish background. She’s a smart and ambitious student who wants to make a difference in the world, but most of all, she dreams of finding the right man, someone to love and settle down with, but she always seems to attract the wrong sort.

When George and Millie meet in London, they have an instant connection, a chemistry that can’t be denied.

George thinks he might be in love – although love at first sight, seems crazy to him, and he can’t imagine Millie might feel the same.

Millie thinks George is one of the good guys, even though her flatmates don’t trust him and tell her he’s hiding something.

And of course, they are right.

George knows he should tell Millie about his father, but terrified she will dump him if he does, he keeps putting off the dreaded moment. 
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