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Owen the romantic hero kissing Lexie, the love of his life

The second book in the Six Degrees of Separation series. If you've read Millie & George, you will know the hero of this book. He's the troubled young man, who is sometimes too attractive to the opposite sex for his own good! 
Time has passed. Millie & George are happily married with their own children, but Owen is still making a mess of his life. 
Family secrets from Owen's past are soon to come out.
He's fighting his ex-wife for his daughter and losing.
Then Lexie arrives, the woman who can save Owen from himself. Unfortunately, he does not immediately recognise Lexie is his soulmate. Read their first meeting below.
Despite being a beautiful ray of sunshine Lexie always seems to attract the wrong sort of man ... Owen could be another mistake. But there is something about him that twists at her heart.

I could go on, but I won't. I must start working on the third book in the series.

In the meantime, if you've read Millie & George, it's time to open the pages of Owen's story: Love Is - Two Bodies One Soul

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Lexie & Owen's First Meeting


Owen's life is unravelling fast. He's in Trafalgar Square in the pouring rain as his ex wife, Margaret tells him he won't be seeing his daughter again...

He wailed, 'IESU GRIST, NO!' and threw his head back, holding the phone to his aching head, letting the rain stream down his face. This was the end of the world.

'Can I help you?'

Bewildered, Owen stopped staring at the sky and located the source of the question. A young woman, dressed in a bright, buttercup-yellow waterproof with a pointed pixie hood worn up against the weather. For one mad moment, it seemed like he'd travelled from hell to heaven and was looking into the eyes of an angel. She was fresh-faced, no make-up, dark blonde curls damply clinging to her forehead and large, concerned, violet-blue eyes softly inspecting him without criticism. She reached out her hand, wet with rain, pink with cold, and touched his arm.

He shivered at the electric reaction. Embarrassed, realising the girl in the yellow waterproof must have heard him screaming profanities,.  Owen shook his head and backed away from her.

'No, thank you,' he said, striving for dignity. 'I'm all right, just late ... that's all.'

Before the girl could say anythng, he turned away, pocketed his phone, and without a backward glance, strode the remaining yards across William IV Street and into St Martin's Lane.

to be continued ....

If you want to know what happens next click over to Amazon to get your copy of Love Is - Two Bodies One Soul


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