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Inspiration & ideas

Writers often get asked: 'where do you get your ideas from?'.

My answer is, 'Everywhere!' And it is perfectly true.

It's like I have a filter in my brain so that whatever my ears, eyes, nose and taste buds are sensing gets filtered through a 'is this an idea for a story?' net and when the net catches something with potential, up it pops into conscious thought.

Interestingly, I've only indicated four senses here. The one missing is touch. I cannot remember ever being inspired by that particular sense... but since I have been writing for a long time, I can't be sure it hasn't happened back in the mists of time. Certainly, I incorporate the sense of touch in my writing--I am a romance writer, and it's all about feelings in every form.

This month I'm covering ideas and inspiration in the Readers' Club newsletter, together with a real example of the result of seeing something that got caught in my ideas & inspiration net.

It's a short romantic story (clean) set in Cornwall - the cover is shown here, but it is only available to Readers' Club members. If you want to read it (it's free), sign up for the monthly newsletter before the 31st of March. Although it is only a short story at the moment (under two thousand words) and a bit raw around the edges, it has loads of potential to be a full-length novel or even the first book in a series. I'm asking for feedback from readers, so if you want to get involved, join the readers club. You'll get another free story on sign-up. All freebie reads are delivered through Bookfunnel.

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