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Must Stop Tinkering.

My problem is I'm never satisfied.

I've just finished a new short work, destined to be an exclusive giveaway for my readers' group members. On Monday, I put the final line on the page. Wednesday, before sharing it with a friend, I thought I should read it through quickly, just in case a typo had snuck in. It does happen even in the most carefully edited work. By Friday I had version 3 complete and itchy fingers were urging me to go through it again - one more time. I didn't. It went off to the friend and I have not looked at the work since because, if I do then version 4 will very soon emerge. The problem is there is always a better way. Whether it is a character description or reaction, a scene or location description, or a plot sequence. Every element of a story can be improved. There is no such thing as finished, the secret is knowing when to stop.

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