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What's Happening? (I wish I knew!)

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed a change in the release date of Love Is. Originally it was planned to let it out in the wild on the 14th February. It seemed a good plan for a love story. BUT... ahead of Love Is there was to be a free book which was supposed to be released in December.

The free book turned out to be more than the extended short story originally planned. In fact, Millie & George (Young Love) ran away with itself and morphed into a novella and prequal to Love Is.

I have had characters take over and do exactly what they wanted to do but I've never had a complete work of fiction do that before.

So it was decided that Millie & George should be published in the usual way rather than as a give away to readers group members and that it should be quickly followed by the main book - Love Is. So that's the current plan. Tomorrow it could be different again, but right now I am working hard on getting both books publication ready and trying to ignore the need for a free book for the moment.

I am currently looking for ARC readers. (Advance Review Copy readers). If you fancy being an advance reader and getting a free copy of either book, use the contact form to let me know.

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