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One of Those Days!

It's like trying to build a sandcastle out of estuarial mud with the tide coming in. Every word I write today plops on the page with a loud squelch then slides into a rank smelling mound of something unspeakable. Wrong, dull, boring.... Agh.

Is this writers' block? Well, sort of. But not the blank white page version nor the I've got no ideas type. It's the someone's borrowed my brain and left me with a poor substitute, that can't string a sentence together and has lost all contact with the character's voices.

I've always been of the belief that the only way out of writer's block, which ever type it is, is to write... just keep on writing until the right words flow again. Which is why I'm here on my blog sharing my pain.

You might be wondering what am I doing that is proving so difficult?

So I'll tell you. I'm working on a free story for members of the Readers' Club. It's about Sally, George's mum out of Millie and George.

Everything started well. I had the story line, the characters... even the last words all planned. That in itself is amazing since I am a seat of the pants type of writer normally and have been known to hurtle off ten thousand words on the inspiration of a title alone. I put this unexpected orderliness down to the fact that I knew so much about Sally already, from writing her in Millie & George and when the first three thousand words flowed, I genuinely thought that I would be finished by the end of this week. I even got the cover page designed (see below) so that I 'd have everything needed to set up the final (edited and formatted) version on Bookfunnel, for sending out to members of the readers' club in December.

Then bam! I found myself sinking in the mud and cannot move on. So there you have it... one of those days.

Here's the cover page of the new story. Hopefully it will be about ten thousand words. Totally exclusive and free to readers' club members.

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